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Get list of distinct values from existing query result set


I have an Elasticsearch database query and I want to generate a list of unique values for a specific field. I tried using the "collapse" method but couldn't get it to work. I want to work with the existing results on the client-side and not re-run the query on the server.


The user had an elasticsearch database query that returned a list of records. They wanted to generate a list of distinct values for the author_id field without duplications. One solution involved using the “terms” aggregation to get a count of each unique author_id value. This could be done by adding an aggregation to the query with a "terms" key and a "field" key specifying the author_id field. Another solution involved using the "collapse" method to collapse the search results based on the author_id field, which would return an array of records for each unique author_id value. The user noted that the results could be restricted to reduce the amount of data returned.