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Get Query Body response


I'm unable to download a file from Google Drive API V3. The response body contains scrambled special characters, and changing the encoding format doesn't seem to work. Despite looking into it, I don't think I can do anything, so I will create an API using GoogleAppScript. I've reported the bug and am currently waiting for a resolution.


The user is facing an issue while making a GET request to the Google Drive API v3 to download a file from Google Drive. The response body has scrambled text, with some characters replaced with a replacement character. The user tried using the Latin-1 encoding format, but it did not work.

The solution suggested by another user is to specify the encoding format in the request header using "Accept: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1". However, the user tried this solution, but it did not work.

The user has shared the response headers, which do not provide any clue to the problem. Therefore, the user has decided to create their API using Google AppScript to fetch the correct data.

The problem has been reported as a bug by the user, and the link to track the issue has been shared.