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Geting error while connceting the worldflow with button


I am trying to validate an input field when the user hits a button without entering any details. I have created a workflow for an error message, but it is not working correctly. I need to show an error message if the user number is invalid and only move to the next page if it is valid. Can I validate the input using API calls and query instead of writing a JsObject code? Also, how to calculate the API call in and out time, and can I upload an image from local storage rather than a URL?


The solution involves using a JsObject to validate input fields before allowing the user to proceed to the next page or execute an API call. This can be set to run onClick of a button. The validation code can be customized to check for specific conditions such as valid user number.

To calculate API call in and out time, you can use the in-built debugging tools in Appsmith, or write code to measure the time between making the API call and receiving a response.

For uploading images from local storage, you can use a file picker widget in Appsmith to select the image file and store it in a variable. This variable can then be used to reference the image in an upload API call.