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Getting “c is undefined” on app page load since a recent AppSmith upgrade


I am experiencing a warning message when loading my AppSmith app after a recent upgrade. I haven't made any changes to my app's code recently. The console shows some async errors, but I have seen them before without any problems. I'm not sure how to debug this, but I will try to extract a portion of my app without the internal database.


The issue reported is related to a warning message that appears in the console when loading an app on AppSmith (v1.7.0). The warning message seems to be related to an enhancement that was added to the platform to remove success toast messages for JS on page load in view mode. The user has not made any changes to the app's code recently, so the issue may be related to an AppSmith upgrade.

To debug the issue, the user could try to extract a minimal reproducible example of the issue that does not rely on the internal database. This could help identify the source of the warning message and any potential problems that may be related to it. Additionally, the user could contact the AppSmith support team and provide access to the app to help with the debugging process.