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Google API calls from user (in stead of from developer)


I need to allow users of my app to authorize Google API calls in their own name, rather than relying on my developer account. This will enable them to access their own Google Drive and Calendar information within the app. Currently, I am working on an app for my company which allows users to send emails and create calendar entries on behalf of themselves or other company users. I am looking for a way to make OAuth user-specific in order to solve this issue.


The solution proposed is to make OAuth user-specific, so that the user can authorize API calls in their own name rather than using the developer's account. This will allow the user to access their own Google Drive and Calendar, and also differentiate between who added an event to a shared calendar in Google Calendar.

To implement this, the app will need to prompt the user to authorize the API calls using their own Google account login. This can be done using the Google API Client Library for JavaScript or other similar libraries, where the user is redirected to a consent screen to grant authorization. Once authorized, the app can store the user's access token and use it to make API calls on their behalf.

In the case of Appsmith, the proposed solution is to add this as a feature request to their GitHub repository, where the OAuth flow can be modified to be user-specific.