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Google Sheets Spreadsheet limitations?


I'm trying to import a Google Sheet Spreadsheet with roughly 17,000 lines into an AppSmith Table, but I'm getting an error message that says "Exceeded limit on max bytes to buffer : 10485760". I've tried using pagination, but it doesn't seem to work for larger spreadsheets. The error is due to a limitation issue, as AppSmith doesn't currently have the capability to stream data into memory for large datasets from Google Sheets. However, the team is working on adding this feature in the future.


The user wants to import a Google Sheet Spreadsheet with approximately 17000 lines into an AppSmith Table. They received an error message indicating that they exceeded the limit on maximum bytes to buffer. The solution to this issue is to use pagination, which means breaking the data into smaller chunks or pages so that it can be loaded in parts, rather than all at once.

To use pagination with AppSmith, the user can follow the video tutorial provided by the AppSmith team. Once pagination is set up, the user should be able to import the data without encountering the same error message.

However, if the file is particularly large, they may need to wait for AppSmith to implement streaming, which would handle large datasets more effectively by streaming the data into memory in smaller chunks, rather than loading it all at once.