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A hidden field in a table is not accessible


I thought that hiding a column in a table widget was causing a query to not work when retrieving an image based on the ID of the selected row. However, after further testing and help from Appsmith's support team, it seems that hiding the column does not actually affect the query. I appreciate their quick and competent response to my concerns.


The user reported an issue where a query to retrieve an image based on the ID from a hidden column in a table widget was not working as expected. However, after investigating the issue, the Appsmith support team could not replicate the problem. The query should run and retrieve the image even if the ID column is hidden in the table widget.

The user apologized for their initial concern and praised the Appsmith team for their excellent system, learning materials, and prompt and competent responses.

In summary, the issue was resolved, and there was no code example necessary. The Appsmith team provided excellent support to the user.