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Highlighting match PO numbers in table


I need to highlight all the PO numbers in a table using JavaScript. Does anyone know how to do it?


The solution involves writing a condition in the cell background property of a table to check if the PO number matches. This can be done using JavaScript. The person who suggested the solution shared a sample app on Appsmith that demonstrates how to do this.

In the sample app, the table has columns for PO number and description. The JavaScript code checks the value of the PO number cell in each row and compares it to a specific PO number. If the two values match, the background color of the cell is changed to yellow to highlight the match.

The code for this solution would look something like this:

if(tableData[index].poNumber == "12345") {  return "yellow";}

This code uses the index of the current row to access the data for that row, and then checks if the PO number matches the desired value. If it does, the function returns "yellow" as the background color for the cell, which will highlight the match.

Overall, this solution is a simple and effective way to highlight matching PO numbers in a table using JavaScript.