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How to access table column name with spaces


I was trying to access data from a table column that had spaces in the name but couldn't find the correct syntax. I tried different variations like {{tablename.updatedRow.Column Name}} and {{tablename.updatedRow.[‘Column Name’]}} but none worked. I reached out for help and someone confirmed that the correct syntax should be {{tablename.updatedRow['Column Name']}}. It worked!


When accessing a table column data that has spaces in it, the correct syntax in moustache code is to use square brackets around the column name instead of quotes or apostrophes. For example, if the column name is "Column Name", the code should look like this: {{tablename.updatedRow['Column Name']}}. This syntax ensures that the code interprets the entire column name as a single string rather than two separate strings. With this syntax, the table data with spaces in their names can be accessed and displayed as intended.