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How can I show alert after confirming that page navigation is completed in my application


I have an application with multiple tabs, including a login page and a listing page. When I log out from the listing page, it navigates to the login tab and displays a logout message. However, the message shows up before the navigation is complete. I am looking for a solution to ensure the navigation is finished before the message appears. Using async-await in the code solved the issue.


The application had an issue where an alert message was showing up ahead of the navigation when logging out from a listing page. To fix this, the developer used async-await in the JS object. This helped to confirm that the navigation was complete before showing the logout successful message.

Async-await is a way to handle asynchronous functions in JavaScript. It allows you to pause the execution of a function until a promise is resolved. Once the promise is resolved, the function resumes execution. By using this, you can ensure that the navigation is complete before displaying the alert message.

Here is an example code snippet for using async-await:

async function logout() {
await navigateToLoginPage(); // wait for navigation to complete
alert('Logout Successful'); // show the message after navigation is complete

In this example, the logout function uses await to pause execution until the navigateToLoginPage function is complete. Once the navigateToLoginPage function is complete, the message is displayed using the alert function.

Using async-await is a simple and effective way to handle asynchronous functions in JavaScript.