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How to connect appsmith docker and mysql docker in local ubuntu 20.04(focal)OS


I am having trouble connecting to my MySQL database from Appsmith running in a Docker container on my Ubuntu 20.04 machine. I have provided all the necessary permissions to the database user and added the correct IP address and port number to the datasource configuration, but I keep getting a timeout error. I tried using "db" as the Host Address value, but that didn't work either. When I accessed the IP address and port number via the browser, I got an error message. I am looking for a solution to this problem.


The user is having trouble connecting their Appsmith app to a MySQL database running in a Docker container on their local machine. They have tried using the IP address of the container ( as the Host Address in the Appsmith datasource configuration, but they are getting a timeout error. The user has also tried using the container name (db) instead of the IP address, but is getting an unknown host error.

Solutions suggested by other users include using host.docker.internal instead of an IP address or container name to connect to the database, and adding a default network to the bridge in the docker-compose file. The user is advised to try these solutions and see if they resolve their connection issue.