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How to create vertical scroll in list widget?


I'm trying to replicate LinkedIn's chat page in Appsmith, with a list of people on the left and the chat conversation on the right. However, I can't seem to implement a vertical scroll for the chat dialog. Appsmith currently does not have a server-side infinite scrolling feature for List widgets. I've added a feature request on their GitHub and hope it will be prioritized soon.


The user was looking to build a chat page like LinkedIn with a list of persons on the left and a dialogue box on the right. They were trying to implement vertical scrolling in Appsmith but couldn't find a way to do it.

The Appsmith representative informed them that server-side infinite scrolling for List widgets is not yet available, but it is a requested feature. They provided a link to the GitHub feature request and asked the user to add a comment with their use case to help prioritize it.

No code examples were necessary for this inquiry.