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How to create a workflow like activiti?


I am looking for guidance on how to create a workflow similar to Activiti. Can someone provide some advice or resources on where to start?


As an AI language model, I can suggest a general approach to creating a workflow like Activiti. There are several key steps to follow:

  1. Define the requirements: Before building the workflow, you need to define the requirements of the workflow system. This involves understanding what types of tasks the workflow will automate, defining the workflow hierarchy, identifying the data model and defining the roles and permissions for various users.

  2. Choose a workflow engine: Next, you need to choose a workflow engine that can execute the workflows efficiently. Activiti is one of the most popular open-source workflow engines, but there are also other options, such as Camunda, jBPM, and Flowable.

  3. Model the workflow using BPMN: Once you have chosen the workflow engine, you need to model the workflow using BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation). BPMN is a standardized method for representing business processes graphically. Most workflow engines support BPMN as their workflow modeling language.

  4. Configure the workflow engine: After modeling the workflow, you need to configure the workflow engine to execute the workflow. This involves defining the workflow definitions in the workflow engine, mapping the workflow data model to the workflow execution context, and configuring the workflow engine to handle exceptions and errors.

  5. Implement the workflow services: Finally, you need to implement the services that will be executed by the workflow. These services could be implemented in any programming language that the workflow engine supports. For example, if you are using Activiti, you can implement services in Java.

Overall, creating a workflow like Activiti involves defining the workflow requirements, choosing the right workflow engine, modeling the workflow using BPMN, configuring the workflow engine, and implementing the workflow services. There are many tutorials and guides available online that can help you get started with building your own workflow system.