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How do add document in a subcollection of a firebase database


I am having an issue with creating a reference to other documents in my Firebase/Firestore database during document creation query. I have tried using string concatenation but it only results in a string type field instead of a reference. I have submitted a feature request for specifying the type of data to load in Firestore. As a workaround, I am sending a map object with the reference path and ID.


The problem was how to create a reference to another document inside a Firestore database using Appsmith. The user had designed a database with sub-collections and references to other documents. However, when they tried to create the reference during the creation query of the document, the type of field "ingredient" was a string, and not a reference to the document.

To solve this issue, the user found a workaround: they sent a map object to Firestore with the reference object containing a path and ID to the desired document, along with the other fields and values. The map object looked like this:

"ref_object": {
"path" : "collection/OBJECTID",
"id" : "collection/OBJECTID"
"field": "value"

Although it was not an ideal solution, it worked for the user. They also submitted a feature request to Appsmith to allow the user to select the type of data they want to send to Firestore, which could help solve this issue in the future.