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How do I configure Email service providers for Appsmith self-hosted instances?


I am looking for information on how to configure email services on Appsmith. I am curious to know which service providers are available for this purpose.


If you want to configure email notifications on Appsmith, you can choose between two service providers: Sendgrid and Amazon SES. Depending on which one you prefer, there are detailed instructions available on the Appsmith documentation website on how to set it up.

For Sendgrid, you will need to create a Sendgrid account and then add your API key to Appsmith. After that, you can configure your email templates and send notifications to users.

For Amazon SES, you will need an AWS account and some basic knowledge of AWS services. You will need to create an IAM user, configure SES to send emails, and then add your AWS secret access key and access key ID to Appsmith. Once you have done that, you can start using SES to send email notifications.

Overall, the process of setting up email notifications in Appsmith is relatively straightforward, as long as you follow the instructions carefully. By choosing between Sendgrid or Amazon SES, you can set up email notifications that work best for you and your team.