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How do I create shared Queries/JS scripts across pages?


I have multiple pages that need to access the same API, but currently it's not possible to do so in Appsmith. This means I have to manually update the API on every page if I make a change. I reached out to the Appsmith team and they explained that they are working on a feature to enable reusable actions. They asked me to share my use-case for prioritization.


Currently, Appsmith does not have a feature that enables the creation of a reusable API that can be accessed across multiple pages. However, Appsmith has plans to work on this feature soon.

To help prioritize this feature, users are encouraged to share their use-case and explain what the API does. This information will help the Appsmith team understand the importance and urgency of this feature.

In the meantime, users will need to update the API manually in each page if any changes need to be made.