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How do I create a signup screen?


I want to create a public app, but I am struggling to find documentation on how users can sign up by themselves. I need a screen where they can enter their email or Google credentials along with a username. I'm looking for a process similar to the one used by a knowledge base I've seen. Can anyone help me with this?


The solution to creating a public app with user sign-ups involves implementing a custom authentication system using JWTs. This can be done by following the guide provided by Appsmith documentation.

To begin, create a form login screen where users can enter their email or Google credentials along with a username. Then, implement the custom Auth using JWTs by chaining multiple steps. This can involve verifying the user's email address, generating a JWT token, and storing user data securely.

Code examples may include using third-party libraries such as Passport.js for authentication and creating routes for signup, login, and authentication in the backend. It is also important to ensure security measures such as hashing passwords and using HTTPS protocols to protect user data.