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How do I Disable a “Container” widget?


I have a bunch of widgets inside a container and I want to disable them all at once based on a condition. However, the Container widget doesn't have a Disabled property. It's too painful to specify the condition at the Disabled property of each child widget. I'm looking for a better way to do this.


The Container widget does not have a Disabled property, but it is possible to disable all child widgets inside the container by using storeValue. First, create a JSObject with a store variable that will hold the value of the condition. Next, bind this store variable to the Disabled property JS of each widget using {{}}. The JSObject can be triggered using a button click or a change in an input widget. Based on the trigger, the JS Object will check for the condition and assign true/false to the store variable, which will automatically enable/disable the child widgets. Here is an example of how to disable all child widgets in a container based on a button click:


"name": "containerDisable",
"logic": {
"value": "onClick(() => {\"disableContainer\", true)})",
"dependencies": [
"executeOnLoad": false

Button onClick JS:


Widget Disabled Property JS: