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How do I display Plaint Text / Numbers correctly in Table?


I am having trouble displaying data from a column in Google Sheets that contains two types of ID numbers: ones with only numbers and ones with a "V" at the end. Even when I change the data type to plain text or numbers, only the "V" format is displayed. It seems to be a bug that is being worked on by the Appsmith team.


There is a bug in Google Sheets where a column that contains two different data types (numbers and numbers with "V" at the end) only displays the latter when the data type is changed to Plain Text or Numbers. Changing the column format from Automatic to Plain Text also does not resolve the issue.

The Appsmith team has acknowledged the bug as critical and is working on a fix. The issue can be tracked on their Github page. Currently, there is no known solution to display both data types in one column.