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How do I get the return value of the API in JS object, because the API is asynchronous


I am having trouble getting the correct return value from an asynchronous API in my JS function. Whenever I try to immediately access the data, it returns the wrong value. I need a solution to retrieve the correct data value.


To get the return value of an asynchronous API in a JavaScript object, you need to use promises or async-await functions. These functions allow you to wait for the API call to complete and then use the returned data to manipulate the object. Without waiting for the call to complete, the object may be incomplete or even undefined.

To implement this solution, you can use the following code example:

const getData = async () => {
const response = await fetch('api/data'); //assuming API returns JSON data
const data = await response.json(); //parse JSON data
return data;

const myObject = {};

getData().then(data => { = data;
}).catch(error => {

In this code snippet, the getData function uses async-await to fetch the data from the API and parse it into a JSON object. The object is returned through a promise when the getData function is called.

The myObject is defined as an empty object and then populated with the data returned from the API. Finally, the object is logged to the console with the latest data.

If there is an error while fetching the data from the API, the error is logged to the console.