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How do I import a specific chart from Airtable?


I am trying to bring a timeline chart from Airtable into my Appsmith app, but the Iframe widget is blocked by the browser for security reasons. I am not an avid developer, so creating a chart from scratch using the Chart widget with FusionChart would take me a long time. I need a way to display the already existing chart on my Appsmith app, which is the last piece to complete my entire app.


The user was looking to bring a Timeline chart from their Airtable base into their Appsmith app. They tried importing it as an iFrame widget but it was blocked for security reasons. They also attempted to create a chart from scratch but it would take too long to connect it to their Airtable data.

One solution suggested was to use an iFrame widget to embed the Airtable view directly into the Appsmith app. The user was provided with a link to Airtable's support document on how to embed a view or base.

The user tested the solution and found that it worked perfectly. They thanked the helper and were reminded to create new threads for other issues and to search before posting to see if it has already been answered.