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How do I link to an AppSmith Page?


I am trying to create a link from a table cell in Appsmith to another page within the app, passing a clicked value as a URL parameter. While I have been able to do this using a Button with the navigateTo function, I would prefer to use a URL. Is there an easy way to generate a URL for a named page in Appsmith, or do I need to hardcode the URL with the long ID string included?


The most reliable way to link between Appsmith pages is by using a Button with a navigateTo onClick function. This function includes the name of the target Appsmith page and any URL parameters that need to be passed. To access the passed parameter on the target page, use appsmith.URL.queryParams.[parameter name].

While it is possible to hardcode the long id string of the target page into a URL, this is not recommended as it may break if the page ID changes. Instead, use the navigateTo function with the page name.

To open the target page in a new tab, add "NEW_WINDOW" as the third argument to the navigateTo function.