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How do I map over the buttons, where I’m getting the button values from the backend


I am building an app where I have a set of categories and each category has a different set of questions. I am using a List widget to display the categories, and I want to dynamically display the corresponding set of questions when a category is clicked. However, I am unable to drag the RadioGroup and Rating widgets inside the List widget. I'm wondering if there's a way to map the dynamic data to achieve this.


The problem is to dynamically show a set of questions when a category is clicked, and make an API call with the form data when submitted. The solution is to use a List widget to display the categories on the left, and bind the selectedItem property to access the set of questions for the selected category. The question set can be displayed with a combination of text and input widgets.

To change the color of the active category button, you can store the name of the selected category and use a conditional statement to apply a color style. When the form is submitted, the form data can be stored in a variable and passed to the API call.

However, it is not currently possible to drag user input widgets like RadioGroup and Rating Widget inside the List widget. Appsmith does not yet support this feature, but it is expected to be added in future releases.