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How do I monitor if my AppSmith instance is up and running


As an engineer using AppSmith, I wanted to monitor its uptime using tools like Pingdom or Uptime Robot. Initially, I used "/" as the default URI, but it didn't work correctly as Pingdom detected it as up even when AppSmith was showing an error page. I was unsure if there was a specific URI, like "/healthcheck," that AppSmith responded to with an error status code when it wasn't working correctly. Later, I found out that hitting the "/api/v1/users/features" endpoint in the latest version of AppSmith could determine if AppSmith was healthy.


The engineer wanted to monitor their AppSmith instance using a tool like Pingdom or Uptime Robot but was having issues with the URI they were using. They asked if there was a specific URI they could use to check if AppSmith was healthy.

Initially, they were using “/” but this was not working properly as Pingdom was still interpreting it as if AppSmith was up even when it was showing an error page. They then tried using “/api/v1/users/features” to determine if AppSmith was healthy but were unsure if this was the best solution.

Finally, they were informed that for instances running v1.9.3+, users can hit /api/v1/health. This endpoint checks if the end to end connection with Redis, MongoDB, and Java backend server are up, making it a more reliable way to monitor the health of AppSmith.