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How do I send SMS/Whatsapp via Appsmith?


I want to send transactional notifications to users via SMS/WhatsApp using Appsmith. How can I integrate messaging services in Appsmith?


To send SMS or WhatsApp messages via Appsmith, you can use the REST API integration. Appsmith provides a guide on how to set up REST APIs to enable messaging services.

Additionally, Appsmith offers a forkable template that can dynamically generate custom messages from your data and send it to a WhatsApp user. The template uses the Mock Users sample dataset, but you can easily swap it out for your CRM data.

To use this template, you can use the WhatsApp link builder to create custom messages that include dynamic data. Then, you can configure the template to send the generated messages to your desired users.

Overall, Appsmith provides a flexible solution for sending transactional notifications via SMS or WhatsApp. By leveraging its REST API integration and template options, you can easily customize your messaging workflow to meet your needs.