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How do I use the file names from the FilePicker widget as an array for my JSObject?


I'm trying to set up a small app that requires the user to select files using a FilePicker widget, and then convert the file names to language names using a reference map. I wrote a JSObject to do this, but it only works when I manually input the file names as an array, not when I try to use I realized that I needed to store the selected files in a variable first.


The user needs to select some files via a FilePicker widget and get their filenames to create a new array based on a reference map that converts file names to language names. The initial code utilizes the function to extract the file names dynamically, but it does not work.

The solution is to store the selected files in a variable onFilesSelected and then use the variable in the JSObject. The updated code should look like this:

export default {    convert_filename_to_language: () => {        const selected_files = => {return});                       const language_map = [{'file': 'de.xlf', 'lang': 'de_DE'},{'file': 'es.xlf', 'lang': 'es_ES'},{'file': 'it.xlf', 'lang': 'it_IT'},{'file': 'pt-rBR.xlf', 'lang': 'pt_BR'}]        const languages = [];        var k=0;        for (let i = 0; i < selected_files.length; i++) {            for (let j = 0; j < language_map.length; j++) {                if(selected_files[i]==language_map[j]['file']) {                    languages[k]=language_map[j]['lang'];                    k++;                }            }        }        return languages    },}

By using the variable, we can ensure that the filenames are correctly extracted from the FilePicker widget, and the language conversion can proceed as intended.