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How do I use MULTISELECT widget for large set of options


I tried to use the MULTISELECT widget with a large set of options, but when selecting more than six, it was impossible to know what was chosen. The tags did not show all the selected items, and scrolling through 2000 options was not feasible. It would be helpful if the widget had a flexible height to show more tags or if all the checked items were at the top of the drop box. A feature request has been submitted to address this issue.


The problem with the MULTISELECT widget not being able to display a large set of options has been identified, and two potential solutions have been suggested. One solution is to make the widget height flexible to show more tags, while another is to put all the checked items at the top when opening the drop box. Additionally, it has been suggested to create another widget, such as a list or table, to display the selected options. A feature request has also been filed to address this issue.

Until the feature is implemented, the solution suggested by @EricSGS can be used to access the selected options as an array through selectedOptionLabels and selectedOptionValues. This information can then be displayed in another widget for easier viewing.