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How to generate the UUIDv4 value?


I need to insert a new record into a PostgreSQL table and specify the value for the ID field using UUIDv4. I am wondering if there is an existing function to generate UUID, or if I need to implement one myself using Math.random. I also noticed that the browser has a built-in crypto function for UUID generation, but it is not yet supported in Appsmith.


The task is to insert a new record into a PostgreSQL database table and specify an ID value using UUIDv4. One way to generate UUID is to use Math.random, but it is not advisable.

A better approach is to use built-in PostgreSQL functionality to generate UUID or use JavaScript's built-in crypto functions if appsmith supports it. The following code example shows how to generate UUID in PostgreSQL:

INSERT INTO mytable (id, column1, column2)
VALUES (uuid_generate_v4(), 'value1', 'value2');

If JavaScript's built-in crypto functions are available, then generating UUID becomes easier, as shown in the following code example:

let myUUID = crypto.randomUUID();

This uses the Crypto interface available in the current context to access a cryptographically strong random number generator and cryptographic primitives.