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How to I update a variable in JS Object?


I'm trying to change the value of a variable called "myVar1" using a function called "increase" in my Vue.js application. However, none of the ways I've tried seems to work. Even though the variable is called "variable", it appears that I can't change its value. I've reached out to the Appsmith community and they informed me that this issue is related to the mutation of JSObject variables and that they are working on supporting this feature by the end of the month. In the meantime, they suggested using the Appsmith store instead.


The problem is about the mutation of JSObject variables, and it seems that this feature is not yet supported in Appsmith. While the team is working on fixing this issue, they suggested using the Appsmith store as a workaround. This may involve modifying the code to store the variable in the Appsmith store and then retrieving it when it needs to be changed. The solution is suggested to be implemented until the end of the month when the problem will be fixed.