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How to integrate Appsmith OIDC with Cognito


I am having trouble with OIDC integration with AWS Cognito on AppSmith. After successful authentication by the identity provider, I am redirected to “https://user/login?error=true” instead of being logged in. Despite no errors during the requests, the error message persists. I have checked the settings and the server logs, but cannot find the issue. Finally, I realized that the problem was due to the uppercase ‘I’ in the User Info URL Endpoint.


Mike was having an issue with his OIDC integration with AWS Cognito as he was getting redirected to “https://user/login?error=true” even though authentication was successful by the identity provider. He shared his settings and the request that was going out but couldn't find the actual error. Amelia suggested checking the server logs to investigate the issue and Mike found that the issue was trivial, as the User Info URL Endpoint had an uppercase ‘I’ in ‘oauth2/userInfo’.

Mike then asked if the token generated could be used to sign downstream calls to Authenticated APIs. The solution to this can be found in the JWT section of the documentation. It was not clear if Mike implemented this solution, but it was suggested as an option.