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How to make Map widget recenter


I am using two apps with Google Maps Widget. One app re-centers the map on new coordinates when selecting a new place from the dropdown, while the other app changes the marker on the map but doesn't re-center on the new marker. The issue is that the coordinates are sent as strings instead of numbers. Converting them to numbers fixed the re-centering issue, but the functionality got broken for displaying markers. However, the fix for it will be available soon.


The issue was with a Google Maps Widget in which the map didn't recenter on the new marker. The first app had filters in the Default Markers field that works well while the second app had two Text widgets that get their values from the lookup_places data that wasn't causing the map to recenter.

The recentering can be controlled by ensuring that the widgets that the map gets the coordinates from are converted to numeric values before displaying them on the map. The recentering works fine only when the values are numeric. The solution is to convert the values to a numeric format using either Number(TEXT_lat.text) or parseFloat(TEXT_lat.text), depending on the platform.

However, there was another issue that was causing the marker to disappear, and it was due to a bug in the functionality. The fix for it will be available soon in the upcoming release.