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How to stop auto update feature in community version


I am facing issues with my community version of Appsmith as it got automatically updated to the latest version and now I am facing a mongo connection issue. I would like to know how to manually update it and turn off auto updates in the future. I found documentation on instance management that includes instructions for updating and turning off auto updates.


To do a manual auto update in the community version of Appsmith, follow the steps mentioned in the Instance Management documentation available on the Appsmith website. The first step is to turn off auto-updates by adding an environment variable called DISABLE_AUTO_UPDATE to the .env file.

Once auto-updates are turned off, you can download the latest version of Appsmith from the Releases page on Github. After downloading, extract the files and replace the old Appsmith files with the new ones. Once done, restart the Appsmith server to use the latest version.

If you are facing a mongo connection issue after the auto-update, you can check if the new version requires any database migration. If yes, follow the necessary steps mentioned in the Release Notes for that version. Additionally, you can try restarting the mongod service and checking the connection parameters in the appsmith.env file.

Overall, manual auto-updates are a good solution to keep control over the Appsmith instance and avoid unexpected issues that may arise from automatic updates.