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I have accidently revoked the ssh key from my application


I accidentally revoked the ssh key from my aws instance application and lost access to it. I need help to retrieve it but can only see CPU utilization and memory on the dashboard. I ended up creating a new application by importing code from github.


The user accidentally revoked the SSH key from their AWS instance, causing them to lose access to the application hosted on it. As a result, they were unable to access the application. A solution was suggested whereby the user should sign in to their hosting provider's dashboard and recreate the key.

However, since the user was unable to find this option on AWS, they instead created a new application by importing the code from GitHub. This allowed them to bypass the issue with the revoked SSH key and regain access to their application.

It is important to note that this solution may not be applicable in all cases and may not be the most efficient solution. In cases where it is possible to re-create the SSH key, it is recommended to do so in order to avoid any unnecessary downtime or complications.