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Ideas for leaving markers on Image widget as if it were the Map widget?


I am developing an app for tracking things on trail maps, and I want to enable the user to add markers and annotations to an image of the trail map. Currently, there is no widget that allows for this kind of interactivity with images, but I believe it would be a useful feature for my specific use case as well as other use cases such as building inspections and field observations. Therefore, I have submitted a feature request for an interactive image widget that allows for annotations and markers.


The proposed solution is for an interactive widget that displays an image source and allows users to add and remove markers and annotations on top of the image. The widget should also be able to display markers and annotations pulled from available datasets, with each series of annotations having its own visible property that can be toggled on or off.

The position of annotations should be defined by x and y coordinates, and the widget should allow for multiple series of annotations that use different customizable icons or text derived from JS. Users should be able to select and delete annotations, with a selectedMarker binding property that identifies the selected annotation.

The suggested workaround in the meantime is to use a Fusion chart with a background image and plot existing points on top of the image. However, this would not allow for adding new points by clicking on the image. Another potential option is to use an iFrame, but it may limit the flexibility required for certain use cases.

Overall, this feature could be beneficial for several use cases, including building inspections, construction purposes, field observations, and review of graphical content.