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Implementing Server-side Pagination using PostgreSQL in Appsmith


As a web developer, managing large datasets and implementing efficient pagination is a common challenge. In my project, I needed to implement server-side pagination using PostgreSQL in Appsmith to improve performance and deliver faster response times. Additionally, I also needed to implement a search functionality that would manually search through the database for the data of our choice. With Appsmith, I was able to efficiently paginate data and perform search operations using PostgreSQL.


Implementing server-side pagination and search in Appsmith using PostgreSQL involves setting up a data source, creating queries to fetch data and search for data, and configuring the Table widget to display data and handle pagination and search events.

To implement server-side pagination, we update our query to fetch a certain number of records at a time and introduce variables for the LIMIT and OFFSET values. We also create a JsObject method to populate the table with the fetched data and set it to execute on page load. We then implement an onPageChange event to fetch subsequent records as the user navigates through pages.

To implement server-side search, we create a separate query to search our database based on some search text and introduce variables for the search text and limit values. We also create a JsObject method to handle the search text change event, call the search query, and populate the table with the search result. We then update the Table widget to run this method on search text change event.

By implementing server-side pagination and search using PostgreSQL in Appsmith, we achieve improved application performance and faster response times when handling large datasets.