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Implementing Server-side Pagination using PostgreSQL in Appsmith (Part 1 - Introduction)


As a web developer working with large datasets in Appsmith, I face a common challenge of efficient pagination. While client-side pagination is simple, it may not be efficient for large datasets. Therefore, I need a solution for server-side pagination to improve performance and response times. In this article, I will explore how to efficiently paginate data and perform search operations using PostgreSQL in Appsmith. I will start by creating a Query to retrieve data and displaying it in a table before moving on to server-side pagination in the next part.


In this article series, we explore how to manage large datasets through pagination on Appsmith while focusing on server-side pagination. We begin by creating a query to fetch 100 records from our PostgreSQL database and display them in a table widget. However, we acknowledge the limitations of client-side pagination when handling large datasets and move on to server-side pagination, which improves application performance and delivers faster response times.

In the next article, we take a look at how to implement server-side pagination in our Appsmith application and the benefits of this approach. In addition, we explore how to handle search operations using PostgreSQL and Appsmith. In the final article, we dive into filtering options, demonstrating how to apply filters to data displayed in the table widget.

Overall, this article series provides a comprehensive guide on how to paginate and manage large datasets in Appsmith using server-side pagination, search operations, and filtering options, allowing developers to optimize application performance and user experience when handling large amounts of data.