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Include API Param only if condition is met?


I'm trying to make an API call to Woocommerce with a few params, including a stock_status param. However, if the user selects "All Products" as their option, Woo throws an error when trying to submit a blank value for stock_status. I want to remove the stock_status param from the API call entirely if "All Products" is selected, but I'm not sure how to do that.


To properly handle the stock_status parameter for a Woocommerce API call, you can create a separate query for the status and call it conditionally in your code. This can be accomplished with a JS function.

First, create a function that includes the status parameter in your API call if it is not equal to "All Products". If it is equal to "All Products", exclude the parameter altogether. Here is an example function:

function getProducts(status) {
let params = {
// your other API call params

if (status !== "All Products") {
params.stock_status = status;

// Your API call with params included

In this example, the status parameter is passed in as an argument to the function. If it is not "All Products", it is added to the params object. Otherwise, it is excluded.

Then, in your code where you make the API call, call this function with the desired status:

getProducts("in_stock"); // Call for in stock products 
getProducts("out_of_stock"); // Call for out of stock products
getProducts("All Products"); // Call for all products

By using this approach, you can avoid submitting a blank value for stock_status and ensure that your API call is error-free.