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This solution is summarized from an archived support forum post. This information may have changed. If you notice an error, please let us know in Discord.

Installing Appsmith without the mount Volume configuration


I am new to Appsmith and I need to install it without the volume configuration. I have custom MongoDB and Redis instances and I am unsure if I need to use volume mount for persistence. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


The solution to installing Appsmith without volume configuration and using a custom instance for MongoDB and Redis involves modifying the environment variables in the docker-compose.yml file.

First, replace the default MongoDB URI with the custom URI in the MONGODB_URL environment variable. Similarly, replace the default Redis URI with the custom URI in the REDIS_URL environment variable.

Then, comment out the volumes section in the docker-compose.yml file to prevent Appsmith from using volume mounts.

Here is an example of the modified environment variables:

version: '3'services:  appsmith:    image: appsmith/appsmith:latest    container_name: appsmith    restart: always    ports:      - '80:80'    environment:      -      - MONGODB_URL=mongodb://custom-uri:27017/appsmith      - REDIS_URL=redis://custom-uri:6379      - APPSMITH_APPJWTISSUER=      - APPSMITH_SERVERPORT=80    depends_on:      - mongo      - redis

By modifying the environment variables, Appsmith will use the custom MongoDB and Redis instances without needing volume mounts for persistence.