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Intercom problem? - Cannot have more than 120 active event names (422 error code)


I am receiving error messages associated with calls to Intercom stating "Cannot have more than 120 active event names" when launching my live app. These errors started appearing in the last week or two. However, I am still able to retrieve data from all of my APIs despite the error messages. Additionally, I am also receiving black boxes of API call error messages even though all of my data is successfully coming back. I have searched for "execute" in the console and all of the failed network calls had a 200 status. The Appsmith team has acknowledged the issue and is currently working on a fix.


The user is experiencing a 422 error associated with calls to Intercom API while developing an app on Appsmith Cloud. The error message "Cannot have more than 120 active event names" is popping up frequently. Despite the errors, the app is working correctly and showing all the data retrieved from the APIs. The user does not witness the error when they are in Edit mode, only when launching the live app. The engineering team is investigating the issue. While exploring the console, the user finds that network calls for APIs are giving a 200 status. The App Development team is about to release a fix to reduce the call for fetchPublishedPage action. Other users in the forum have faced similar errors while displaying data in tables after changing column type and while deploying the application.