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Intermittent Firestore timeout problem


I signed up and connected my firestore database successfully, but the query started timing out when I tried to load it into a table widget. Even when running the query directly, it would still time out. Increasing the timeout didn't help much, and I wasn't sure if the API request was succeeding or failing. However, the issue seems to have disappeared now, and I'll report if it comes back.


The user was experiencing timeout errors when running a query that was connected to a table widget in their Firestore database. The query would timeout even with a small amount of data. They tried increasing the timeout and checking the network tab in developer tools, but were unable to find a solution.

However, the user reported that the issue was resolved without any action taken on their side. They were no longer experiencing the timeouts and could successfully run their queries and display the data in the table widget.

There is no code example necessary for this issue, as it was related to a problem with the Firestore database and not with any specific code.