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Invitation email not sended


I am not receiving invitation emails on my self-hosted Appsmith installation. While the test email works fine, the invitation email is not going out. Upon checking the logs, I found that there is an exception while sending emails via Amazon SES with an error message “554 Transaction failed: Empty address”. I have checked the values of APPSMITH_MAIL_FROM and APPSMITH_REPLY_TO in docker.env, and they seem to be correct. How can I fix this?


The issue was that invitation emails were not being sent in a self-hosted installation of Appsmith, even though the test email was working fine. The logs showed that there was an exception raised while sending emails via Amazon SES, with the error message "554 Transaction failed: Empty address".

After some troubleshooting, it was found that the value for APPSMITH_MAIL_FROM in the docker.env file was set to an empty string. By setting it to a valid email address (in this case,, and restarting the installation, the problem was fixed and invitation emails started to send successfully.

Additionally, it was suggested to check the value of APPSMITH_REPLY_TO in the docker.env file, and make sure it is set to the same email address as APPSMITH_MAIL_FROM. This could also resolve similar issues with email sending.