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Issue with connecting DynamoDB as a datasource


I am having an issue with fetching data from DynamoDB, where I am getting an execution failure with status 5000 for input string " ". Upon investigation, it appears that AWS DynamoDB SDK is trying to resolve the proxy port for unknown reasons. The team is currently working on finding a fix for this issue, but in the meantime, they suggest adding a workaround to the docker.env file by adding HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY with empty values.


The issue reported by a community member when connecting to DynamoDB was the "Execution failed with status 5000 for input string '' ". After examining the problem, it was found that the AWS DynamoDB SDK is attempting to resolve the proxy port for unknown reasons, which is appearing anonymous to the user.

To resolve this issue, the user can use the workaround provided by adding the following snippet to the docker.env file:


After adding this code snippet, the user should restart the Docker container. This solution will fix the problem for now until the team can find a permanent fix for the issue. The team has assured the community that they will update them once they have found a permanent solution.