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Is it possible to configure a button to execute a script


As an Appsmith user using a self-hosted docker instance, I want to configure a button in my app to execute a bash script that is on the same server, but it seems to not be possible currently. The feature has been requested and is being prioritized based on user feedback, so I should upvote and comment on the issue with my use case to help with prioritization.


Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to execute a bash script on the same server that is hosting an Appsmith app using a button within the app. This functionality has been requested as a feature in the form of an SSH plugin, but it has not been implemented yet. As a workaround, you may need to explore other options such as using a third-party service or running the script manually on the server. You can upvote and comment on the corresponding feature request in the Appsmith Github repository to help prioritize this feature for future development.