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Is it possible to filter my database data dynamically by input


I am looking for a dynamic search list from a large database based on the input I provide. It would be great if I could get suggestions as I type, similar to Google search. Is there a way to achieve this using Appsmith?


The requested feature of an autocomplete or typeahead widget has been logged as an issue on GitHub for Appsmith. The widget would be a normal text input field enhanced with a panel of suggested options, useful for scenarios where the value for the textbox must be chosen from a predefined set of allowed values or where it is advantageous to suggest possible values to the user. The widget would have several customizable options and requirements, as listed in the GitHub issue.

The solution to the current query of filtering a search list from a database dynamically would involve using the select widget in Appsmith, which allows for server-side filtering. As of now, this feature is not available for the input widget. The suggested app in Appsmith provides an example of how a select widget can be used for filtering data.

Overall, the Autocomplete/Typeahead widget feature requested on GitHub would provide a more specific and customizable solution for filtering search options from a database dynamically.