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Is it possible to get Table filter data


I am trying to find a particular record using a table filter. After performing an action on that record, I want to reload the filtered results with the updated values. I need to know if it is possible to store the filtered query or access the filter values to achieve this.


The question asked how to store and reload filtered data after updating a record in the table. The solution suggested is to use the storeValue function to store the filtered query data in a JS object variable. To access filter values, {{DataTable.filters}} can be used. After the update query runs, the original query that populates the table data should be run again to show the updated data. A sample code example is provided as follows:

const store = {};
store.filteredData = {{TableName.filteredTableData}};
// run update query;
// refresh table data with updated value{params: {filter: DataTable.filters}});