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Is it possible to pass a variable to a DataSource query when binding data to a widget?


I am a newbie with Appsmith and I want to know if it's possible to pass a query a variable to modify the data coming back from the query to the widget. My use case is that I have a query that returns a list of items, which belong to categories, and I want to pass a parameter to the query in order to use it in a WHERE statement to filter the results. However, when I try to do this with the run method, I get an error saying that I cannot execute framework actions in a sync field. Can someone help me with this issue?


The user is attempting to pass a parameter to a query in Appsmith when binding data to a widget. They want to modify the data coming back from the query based on a user's selection. After attempting to use {{{catValue: 1})}} and encountering an error, they seek a solution.

Amelia suggests that the reason this does not work is because the user is running an async method in a sync field. To fix this, they recommend creating a JS function inside a JS Object that runs on page load and runs the query with the desired parameter from there.

The user expresses gratitude and plans to try this solution.