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Is it possible to use Appsmith without internet connection


As a user, I am unable to use Appsmith on an internal network without internet connection as it cannot connect to the Appsmith server. I need to know if it is possible to switch Appsmith to an offline mode.


The current version of Appsmith does not have an offline mode feature, which prevents it from working on internal networks without internet access. However, the Appsmith team has acknowledged the issue and provided a link to the corresponding tracking page on GitHub, so users can follow updates on when this feature might be added.

An alternative solution is available for Enterprise Edition users, who can request an air-gapped version of Appsmith that works offline. They can schedule a meeting with the Appsmith team by using the Calendly link provided.

No code examples are necessary since the solution involves requesting a custom version of Appsmith rather than making changes to any existing code.