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June Round-up: Fuzzy Search, Backup and Restore, More Product Updates


I need an easy way to build and deploy internal applications, but finding the right widgets and backing up my data can be tricky. Additionally, I want to catch typos in my rich text editor and avoid sequential queuing when running multiple queries. Lastly, I want to collaborate with a community and learn new features, integrations, and tutorials without missing out on any updates.


Appsmith is an open-source platform that makes it easy for anyone to build and deploy internal applications. Recently, they raised a Series B led by Insight Partners and added new features such as fuzzy search for widgets, easy backup and restore, spellcheck for rich text editor, connection pooling for MS SQL, and more. They also introduced better app editing experience, added more styles to checkbox and switch widgets, and deprecated old widgets.

Furthermore, the platform now supports theming for CRUD apps and JSON forms, fixed cyclic dependency errors, and updated organization URL slug. The Appsmith team collaborated with the community on exciting new projects, documented user queries on their forum, and conducted how-to sessions with their engineers. They also partnered with MariaDB to build an easy-to-use reservations tool.

Overall, Appsmith is constantly evolving and improving to make it easier for businesses to build and deploy internal applications without needing extensive coding knowledge. They have a growing community on Discord and social media platforms, making it easy to access support and get updates on the latest features and developments.