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Leaving tab open causes large performance issues


I am experiencing overwhelming consumption of resources and unresponsiveness in my computer when leaving Appsmith (cloud) open in edit mode for 10-20 minutes on Chrome or Edge browsers. Even my mouse becomes intermittently responsive, and sometimes I have to hard reboot the whole system. The issue only happens in the editor tab and doesn't occur on Firefox. The problem occurs when I even mouse over a window with the tab opened. I've shared the app link with the support team and they have filed a GitHub issue to investigate the issue further.


The user is experiencing severe performance issues with Appsmith's cloud editor in Chrome and Edge when the editor tab is left open for an extended period of time. The issue does not occur in Firefox. The browser becomes unresponsive, and the task manager stops updating. The user has even had to hard reboot their computer to fix the issue.

The Appsmith team is investigating this issue and has filed a GitHub issue to track it. The user has shared a link to the app and has given the team access to their workspace to aid in debugging.

To prevent this issue from occurring, the user is trying to get into the habit of closing the editor tab when not actively working on it for an extended period of time. The team is still investigating possible solutions to this problem.