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Live Comment Section Undo


I had difficulty turning off comment mode in deployment mode. I figured out that I can use the keyboard shortcut C to enable and V to disable it. I suggested to the team to make the same comment icon as a toggle for easier use. They also asked for my feedback on their commenting feature.


The solution to turning off comment mode in deployment mode is to use the keyboard shortcuts C to enable and V to disable. This was discovered through trial and error by the user SomashekarB. They also suggested that it would be helpful if the comment icon could be made into a toggle to make it easier to switch between enabling and disabling comment mode.

The company responsible for the comment feature apologized for the difficulty in disabling comment mode and flagged the feedback to their team. They also expressed interest in hearing more feedback from users about the commenting feature.

There are no specific code examples necessary for this solution as it involves keyboard shortcuts rather than programming.